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Dec 16, 2012 07:27 PM

Frederic Simonin

Hi everyone,

We are coming to Paris the week after next and having some trouble booking some of the places that we'd hoped to try (like Spring and Septimes). I'd love some feedback on any recent experiences you've had at Frederic Simonin. Is it outstanding? Stuffy? Also, would you consider it a "heavier" meal? I'm trying to decide if I should plan dinner there one night on the same day when we are having a larger lunch.



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  1. Still stuffy (albeit comfortable) décor and stiff service. But the food saves it all.

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    1. re: Ptipois

      We were there for a farewell to Paris dinner last year and I thought it was shockingly expensive for what it was. It took away whatever pleasure I might have felt from the meal itself. in fact the only thing that I remember about the meal was the bill.

      1. re: pammi

        Maybe, but the 39€ lunch menu is a bargain considering the quality.

    2. Thanks Ptipois and pammi. I think I'll consider it for lunch instead of dinner.

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      1. re: debra1234

        Yes lunch is a little better; two of got out for 108 E but my bottom line was in line with Pti'is point "The food, is, like the decor, expensive, well-done but lacks passion/warmth."

        1. re: debra1234

          I'll insist on the quality of the cooking. I wouldn't say it lacks passion and warmth; the decor does but you don't eat that. It is extremely well-made French cooking that shows equal talent in sophisticated preparations and in earthier, traditional-style braised dishes. It does have some personality.
          In a similar category I'd also recommend Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos; sophisticated cooking with plenty of taste and a Mediterranean touch.

        2. Thanks, John. So I'm thinking for our one "nicer" meal I should perhaps stick with L'Atelier du Joel Robechon -- we have a lunch reservation there.

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          1. re: debra1234

            I'll get in trouble for this and maybe it's just my old grouchy back talking but as "nice" as the food is I cannot call stool sitting "nice."

            1. re: John Talbott

              Totally understand, John. Although I quite like it -- I do a lot of bar dining in some finer restaurants in NYC.