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Dec 16, 2012 05:55 PM

looking to buy a Dicks offset bread knife in the GTA any ideas where?

do I need to go to the USA?

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    1. you could buy the miracle blade set from canadian tire it contains the knife you are looking for..

      1. IIRC I think I saw them at Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment by Queen and Bathurst.

        1. I bought a cheap (but decent) offset bread knife recently from Nella Cutlery. Suspect that a bread knife is one of the knife types you can cheap out on (as opposed to chef's, a parer or slicer).

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          1. re: biggreenmatt

            You could, but a good bread knife is a joy to use and really does make a difference. For example, cut a crusty bread with a bad vs good knife and you'll feel it immediately and also see a ton of crumbs all over your board with a cheap knife.

            I have a Tojiro DP Bread knife which is amazing, and everyone at work always asks to borrow my knife. I'd much rather have a cheap, disposable paring knife (and I do).

            SO yeah...Tojiro DP Serrated bread bread knife out there, for not that much money!

            1. re: szw

              great advice will look into it thank you