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Dec 16, 2012 05:50 PM

What to do with Mutton shoulder chops

Hey everyone, I just bought some Mutton shoulder chops from Metro. They were really cheap and looked pretty good.

I know cooking mutton is a bit more complicated than lamb due to the more developed flavour and less tender meat. Any tips or ideas?

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  1. Do you have dogs?

    Sorry! I can be of no help as I loathe mutton!

    Best of luck in your search though! :)

    1. Haha a mutton hater eh ;)

      I am probably going to braise it with some root veggies. After a couple of hours it should be really tender

      1. I gave this some thought over night and when I came to the Ontario board this morning your post was missing. I thought you might get bumped to home cooking and here you are!
        I've never actually had mutton, nor can I recall seeing it in a grocery store. Which Metro did you find it at?
        While I haven't cooked mutton, I have had my share of "autumn lamb", and I don't mind the strong gamey character of the meat. Shoulder is best braised, of course and I think you're on the right track doing it with the root veggies - parsnips, turnip, celeryroot perhaps?. May I suggest that you use a heavy hand with the aromatics - lots of garlic and onions, if you're going the provencal route, don't forget to throw in lavender and a little cloves too! For the salt, use anchovies, bacon and/or olives. Some white beans to soak up the juices would be welcome too.
        Personally, I'd travel further east and go with the Persian or Morrocan flavours: garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, chilies etc. Perserved lemons too, perhaps?
        You can't go wrong with the low 'n slow. Let me know how it turns out!