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Dec 16, 2012 05:47 PM

Looking for cheese in the Washington DC Metro area

I'm a New Yorker who shops for cheeses at Bedford Cheese and other locals favorites that I won't also plug here but you know them already. I'm heading down to to the Washington DC metro area for the holidays and I need some leads for cheeses. Starting with the one's listed below. I know there are "gourmet" chains such as Wegman's in the area but I'm not familiar with their precise cheese offerings but I've heard good reviews overall. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction? I'll have a car. Which I realize is odd to say outside of NYC but we don't have one here and get around just fine. I know that I could ship the cheeses or travel with them but neither are actually an option this time.

(Also, good lead on nebbiolo and xinomavro wines would also be helpful)

Thank you.

Cheeses (or similar) I'm looking for:

Capra Cremosa Tartufo (Goat and truffle - Italy)
Toma Malga (Raw cow - Italy)
Canestrato, Casa Madaio (Raw sheep - Italy)
Pecorino Muffato di Anversa (Raw sheep - Italy)

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  1. I would call Cowgirl Creamery and ask them.

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      i second the Cowgirl Creamery recommendation...i have never seen so many cheeses outside Wisconsin!! And they let you try anything they have...which is good cos i don't see myself ever buying $35/lb cheese. Anyhoo, if it doesn't have what you want, i would venture that perhaps nobody here would...but would defer to other more expert posters. But CC is awesome.

    2. The first place you need to check is Cheesetique.

      1. Any Wegman's in Virginia - cheese and wine at the same location.

        Maryland has different laws about wine sales in grocery stores.

        1. There are many excellent cheese stores,departments in the greater DC metro area.

          Arrow Wine 877-418-9858

          A Litteri 202-544-0184

          Calvert Woodley

          Cowgirl Creamery


          The Italian Store


          Wegman's - Whole Foods - and many supermarkets are adding fancy cheese departments IE a new Safeway near me in Olney Md

          ? there are various vendors at the Eastern Market for cheese and I think also at Union Market

          This is an off the top of my head list and may only be half of the good sources locally.

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          1. Cheesetique is excellent at responding to emails, btw. I send vague emails about cheese that I've tried while at cocktail parties, and they are almost always spot on with what I'm looking for.