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Dec 16, 2012 05:24 PM

Restaurant open Christmas Day in Newton or nearby

Visiting on Christmas Day. Will there be anything open for dinner? Asian, Indian is fine, but open to other suggestions. I lived there when there were "Blue Laws" and my mom, who still lives there, has no idea if anything will be open. Thanks!

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  1. It doesn't seem to be available yet but the "Patch" usually has a list of whats opened/closed for each of the holidays. If no one else responds you might want to keep checking back on their site

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      Thanks to you all for your suggestions. Foodiex2--I went to newton patch as you suggested. Couldn't find this year's list, but figured last year's would work as a guide! I read my 92 year old mother the list of restaurants over the phone and she called to verify who was open. We ended up at Amarin Thai in Newton Corner and it was a perfect choice. (our 2nd choice was Sweet Potato Bistro in Four Corners serving taiwanese food, but we'll save that for next time) I was surprised at the number of asian restaurants that were closed, BTW. My mom had previously tried Jamjuli in Newton and the Rice Barn in Needham and both were going to beclosed, so I appreciated your help!

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        Glad it worked out for you! Happy New Year!

    2. Most ethnic restaurants are open on Christmas Day and I believe Boxx(sp?) steakhouse is open in Newton. If your Mom has a favorite ethnic place, I'd call and check.

      1. Open Table often lists restaurants that are serving on holidays as well.

        1. Don't know if you're a Legal Seafoods fan, but most of their restaurants (including Chestnut Hill) are open Christmas Day.

          1. Most Chinese restaurants, hotel restaurants, and The Fireplace in Brookline.