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Dec 16, 2012 04:58 PM


I am considering buying a bottle of Mezcal; both from a curiosity standpoint, and from a cocktail standpoint. Which is a good functional bottle to pick up? I will likely have to order it, since NC and SC do not seem to have such things available. I'd prefer not to go overboard with the cost, but since I imagine that I won't be going through it too fast; I could probably handle a small splurge.

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  1. NC has Monte Alban but it's pretty awful.

    My favorite reasonably priced mezcal is Sombra, which you can get from for $34. Their shipping is also pretty reasonable, and they have good prices on quite a few other things - when I place on order there I always have lots of whiittling down to do.

    1. I really like Sombra too as well as Del Maguey Vida for mixing. Fidencio has a quality mezcal at that price point, but it is much softer and less smokey (i.e.: it is useless in recipes that call for a barspoon of mezcal to add some smoke and strong flavors as an accent to a drink).

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        Fidencio actually has two different mezcals at that price point - the Sin Humo (in the frosted bottle), which is cooked in an autoclave and has no smoke; and the Clasico, which has the more standard smoky profile. I would guess you have had the sin humo, as the Clasico is reasonably smoky, though not as much as Sombra.

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          What do you think of Fidencio Clasico? I just bought a bottle a few days ago as it was marked down at a local liquor store ($20 off!) and I loved it. Is it considered to be a good quality mezcal?

          Another mezcal I can buy locally at a similar price point is Jaral de Berrio. Is it of comparable quality?

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            The Fidencio is quite decent for the price point (I paid around $30). I like Sombra a little better as it has a somewhat more robust flavor with a little more fruit, but they are pretty comparable.

            I've never heard of the Jaral de Berrio.

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              Thanks! Good to know I can get decent Mezcal where I live. I'll let you know how the Jaral de Berrio stacks up.

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