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Dec 16, 2012 04:48 PM

Duck Organ Meat Question


I am just teaching hubs to make roasted duck and he asked me if we are going to eat the organs. Honestly, I have always picked at the neck as my cooks treat (which I suggested he do), and I often fry up the liver for him in a bit of butter and garlic, but the rest... I make some stock with and then feed to the dog. Gulp. Have a been depriving us of delicacies? If so how and what? Break it to me gently.

An aside: He is so excited about cooking some of the excess skins to render fat and make chitterlings. I am Mr. Chitterling's lover. He is hysterically happy and doing rain dances over that pot. So funny.

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  1. When we cook any fowl my husband gets the neck and I get the gizzard. I don't like any organ meats in general, but I do like gizzards. A lot.
    You guys sound like fun!

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    1. re: EWSflash

      OK Gizzards... we are now in a debate at casa vanilla - one where I say all the organs are gizzards in a duck but not the neck. So what do you say are the gizzards and what are you doing with them? I ate the neck already (because he did not want to screw with it). But we are laughing/staring down the organs. We have no intestines - We bought the duck.

      Totally fatty duck. almost 2 C fat! Woo hoo!

      I am cooking potatoes and onion in the pan.

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          I was... and the gizzard being the neck. I was turned around.

    2. I suppose that you could try the heart and kidneys, or render all of the fat and use it to confit, make fondants, etc.

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      1. re: mugen

        Try as in cook somehow and taste? I want to. How?

        1. re: Sal Vanilla

          I guess start at the most basic: sautee with lots of butter, and err on the side of under rather than over, because they're both notoriously bad if over-cooked; we don't want to permanently dissuade you from offal delights.

          1. re: mugen

            We broke down and sauteed each piece in duck fat and butter, salt, pepper and some garlic. Then diced and are now eating. Kidney is not my fave. But as stuffing mix - maybe. Ditto for the heart. I treated th liver as I would in ingredient for pate. Really, think I prefer it chopped with onion and sauteed and the smarshed into soft white bread. Simple yum.

            I still seek a duck organ mix o fantasma. Better to ask well ahead.

      2. the heart is delicious. oooh, and the tongue!!!

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        1. re: linguafood

          The tongue? Don't screw with me! AFLAK!

          1. Duck Liver, Gizzards, Tongue are all great to eat. When you say "make Chitterlings" are eating the Intestines or do you mean Cracklings that are made from the rendered skin?

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              1. re: chefj


                And don't forget the duck chins and feet.

              2. Occasionally I'll buy a package of duck gizzards from 99Ranch (Asian market), and 'red cook' them. I prefer to the chicken ones. I don't recall if I've seen hearts. Haven't tried tongues yet. Isn't there a bone in the duck tongue?

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