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Dec 16, 2012 04:27 PM

Kabuto and Ichiza

Hi all,

Heading to Vegas this Friday and finishing up the agenda - any thoughts on Ichiza as a late night spot to grab some more bites after a meal at Kabuto? Reviews seem mixed and I'm certainly not expecting it to be 'wow-ing,' but in terms of a few small plates and desserts with friends is there a better option off strip? We'll have a car, so nowhere is off limits.

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  1. From Kabuto, you could walk to Raku.

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    1. re: Larry

      Been to Raku, looking for someplace new, though Raku is really tough to pass on.

    2. Ichiza is a lot of fun, and it might be the place if you'd like a young, bustling atmosphere. But the food is very inconsistent. As Larry says, you are steps away from Raku and less than a five-minute drive away from Chada, which has a much more chill atmosphere, much better wine and beer options, and much better food. If you feel like hard liquor, Forte Tapas Restaurant and Bar isn't too far either. You don't often get a chance to eat small plate Bulgarian/Eastern European anywhere, let alone Las Vegas.

        1. re: vegasjlt

          ...what a crazy schizophrenic menu - I kinda dig it, and at the same time am kind of grossed out.

          I honestly never knew Vegas Chinatown was quite so dynamic.

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              I've eaten at Traattoria Nakamura-Ya before. It's... interesting. I was planning on going to Big Wong and saw that it had newly opened so I gave it a try. It's not terrible, but I won't be going back. There's a place that's very similar, but not quite as confused in Phoenix called Cherryblossom on Camelback.

          1. Nobody has mentioned Sen of Japan.