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Dec 16, 2012 03:19 PM

Green Eggs & Ham Bris

Tonight, I sit and reach out not as a chef or caterer, but rather a new father, planning my son's fleishig bris for later in the week, no office to any of you NY bagel/cream cheese/lox folk. We are going for playful on this one. Here are my thoughts so far, but I'd love to hear what idea's y'all have for me. Here's where we are at so far

Stuffed Challah French Toast
Green Eggs & Ham (Pesto or Chive Scrambled Eggs with asst Kosher Bacons - Apple'n'Hickory smoked Turkey, Veal & Beef)
Hash Browns
Smoked Breakfast Sausage
Asst Fruits
Breakfast danish, muffins and pastries

Any fun ideas would be most welcome, especially if they can be tied in with a children's book for a creative display, like the Seussian choice above.

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  1. Pareve Popeye's Spinach Quiche with an Olive Oyl drizzle
    make them on individual tart shells

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    1. re: bagelman01

      Brilliant!!!!!! Maybe even a couple of "Wimpy" breakfast sliders to boot. Love It!

    2. Not a children's book but two Sesame Street characters come to mind. The Amazing Mumfords Ala peanutbutter sandwiches and Cookiemonster cookies. Now those aren't really breakfast like your menu so how about pat a cake pancakes and Muffin Man muffins?

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      1. re: suzigirl

        That one's a bit of a stretch suzie, plus marking 200 pancakes all marked with a "B" sound like a pain. My wife and I were just talking about setting up our kid's play bricks making a wall around the salami'n'eggs or omelet station with a bit of a humpty dumpty theme.... I have always loved having warm chocolate chip cookies at the coffee station at the end of an event for my guests to take for the road....YES to the Cookie-monster idea! Thanks!!! Keep'm coming y'all.

        1. re: gotcholent

          Go withe humpty dumpty around the omlette station. I thought of humpty dumpty but couldn't come up with a good application as I was thinking boiled eggs but when you think about it he was for sure scrambled. :-) Sincere congratulations on your new baby daddy. Hope your party goes swimmingly

        2. re: suzigirl

          How about cupcakes with the cookie as Cookiemonster's mouth, along the lines of this:

          I also saw some Elmo cupcakes:

          And then, if you want a slightly healthier version of Elmo: (scroll to the last pic

          And a big mazel tov to you and Mrs. gotcholent

        3. Maybe do something with the fruit. Like a watermelon "cradle" with a melon-faced "baby" in it

          Mazal tov!

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          1. re: AdinaA

            I lost out to my chef who was totally on your side for this one. Here;s his pic....I still think that it's a bit freaky looking.

            On behalf of my son, Nadiv, and whole family......Thanks for the fantastic ideas!!!

            1. re: gotcholent

              Mazal tov again.

              And I am totally looking forward to seeing you cater a kiddush featuring spotted dick.

          2. Is a gingerbread house/candy house too easy? Or sunny-side up eggs for Horton's famous egg?

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            1. re: ahuva

              Hard to do the sunny-side-up thing without making the eggs to order...which for the number of people that I am expecting would require far too many sous chefs out on the floor. otherwise you get a ton of people in a rush to get back to work waiting in line instead of enjoying a festive meal with family and friends. The ginger bread idea is cute but I'm afraid that no one would touch it. Adina, we've made bassinets with wheels out of watermelons many times before....the fake fruit face is a wee bit scary looking me thinks, but in general, I dig it.

            2. Mazel tov, but if I were you, I'd lose the catering plans and just enjoy the baby and the bris. It's hard enough coordinating things without also having to do the catering.

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              1. re: ganeden

                I wish that was even an option ganeden. But to do this inhouse, in my own shul, where my guys are already going to be hard at work makes so so much more sense. The room will be set-up the day before, and we can totally have our ducks in a row....not to mention the breakfast sausages smokin' outside in my own bbq rig. Not to worry, the team is good and I'll be in the minyan. I did the deed with my second son, and plan to be upfront to do my youngest on Thurs....b'H. As an aside, I could not afford hiring someone else to do this for me and would only be upset with the food and service.

                1. re: gotcholent

                  First of all - Congratulations! Second of all, I am so stealing this idea for my son's upsherin this summer! You are a genius and a half! My kids are obsessed with Dr. Seuss - can you do green and yellow desserts? and put them around a "mouse" and a "house". I would absolutely do everything in orange, yellow and green - they are such happy baby colors! I think it would be cool to have all the little props for transportation that are listed in the story and to have the food (at least desserts) displayed around them. And if you are having kids, maybe a small yellow and green candy bar with little take away baggies or carry out containers so they can take them home? You can make green eggs and ham stickers on your computer with a "thank you" note and stick them on. Anyway, this sounds like tons of fun! Most importantly, I hope when your baby gets older, he will eat everything you make without complaining:)