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Dec 16, 2012 03:00 PM

Dinner near Miami Airport

Any suggestions on places to eat within a reasonable taxi ride from the Miami Airport Sheraton? If not I am eating at the Sheraton I guess.

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  1. Coral Gables may be your best bet for reasonable taxi ride. Here is a good recent thread on some places to eat there:

    1. Basilico on 36th street, just on the northside of the airport has excellent italian cuisine. Il Forno, on 25th street also has excellent italian food. Los Parilleros in 41street out west of the airport and they have excellent Argentenian fare.

      Depending on time of day, Michael's Genuine is a 15 minute cab ride from the Sheraton and it's one of Miami's best restaurants.

      If you want cuban - - - there are a million and one cuban restaurants within minutes from MIA that will serve you a good meal and Versailles - - - a landmark cuban restaurant is probably a 10 - 15 minute cab ride from the airport area....

      You have options....

      Ft. Pierce, FL