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Vancouver fun great food great vibe high end date night?

Any recommendations?
We went to a great sushi place last time. Tojo's. But I remember it being a bit dead. But sushi was great. Any fun recommendations for foodies who love a good time.

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  1. 'High End' and 'Good Time' are mutually exclusive in No Fun City.

    I prefer my Good Times on the Loud & Low End side.


    Other than that maybe Bao Bei or one of the cocktail places in Gastown.


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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      This is a ridiculous statement!

      L'abbatoir or Chambar have good vibes. I've had lots of fun at Blue Water also. It is what you make of it!

      I imagine Wildebeest would have a good vibe also. Haven't made it over there yet.

      1. re: waylman

        Neither L'abbatoir or Chambar are in any way 'High End'-that is nonsense.

        The stuffed suits posing in Hawksworth are 'High End'.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          If they aren't high end, what are they?
          Are you saying suits are mandatory for "high end" dining?

    2. We've always liked Chambar for this type of evening. A bit less refined food-wise how about Baru Latino?

      1. Vancouver doesn't really do "high end" so if I can offer a suggestion of a Gastown mini-crawl. L'Abbatoir, then The Diamond for cocktails.

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          1. Maybe hit a few of the smaller places such as Judas Goat Taberna or Sardine Can.

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              Judas, then Sardine Can, then The Diamond perhaps.

            2. La Quercia - try the 7 or 10 course menu. Truly wonderful food.

              1. I just want to thank everyone so much. Great recommendations and from the website, exactly what I am looking for!

                We just had a french type meal last night at a great resto in Montreal, so Chambar and L'Abattoir which look perfect, I am not feeling for.

                Then there is Guu, where Garlic is sexy really hooked me, but they kick you out after 2 hours...guess that is ok, I reserved.

                Anyone hear anything good about MIKU???

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                  The salmon aburi at Miku is really delicious but the rest of the menu is just okay. Pricey too. And I'm not mad about the room, which is very cold aesthetically and actually -- your tea cools down almost instantly on the granite tables.

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                      Thanks, quddous. If I was being really picky, I'd mention the annoyingly archaic hue-changing overhead lights and the bizarre desserts as well. But of course I'm not that picky :-).