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Dec 16, 2012 02:20 PM

applesauce apples

I'm confused. I was advised that when cooked, Fuji and red delicious apples have little flavor and not to use them in applesauce. I see on Chow that some applesauce recipes recommend Fujis.

Apples for applesauce would be chosen for their flavor, tartness/sweetness, texture and so on, right? What selections of apples do you Hounds use for applesauce?

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  1. Tart but sweet apples. I like partially chunky applesauce vs. fully pureed, so firmer apples also work for me. Those that collapse into nothingness don't work.

    Galas, Cortlands, Stayman Winesaps, Macouns are all apples I've used.

    1. To me, the most important thing about picking apples for homemade applesauce is to get a huge variety. Don't use all of one or even two kinds. I always use about 6-7 different kinds of apples. I don't really pay too close attention to which kinds specifically, but I know I've used fuji, red delicious, golden delicious, gala, braeburn, pink lady, rome, and granny smith, among others. The wide variety gives you a range of flavors and textures and I've never had a bad batch of applesauce before.

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        Red Delicious just seem to have no flavor as they did 40 years ago. They seem to have been bred for shape/color/uniformity vs. flavor. At least what I've seen/tasted.

      2. I have only made applesauce a few times, but I enjoyed thi writeup by Stephanie Jawarski of Joy the Baker on the topic:

        It is an A to Z on the subject and a video if you go that way.

        1. I use the Lg crabapples from my tree outside.The neighbour's always get some and one left me a message on facebook. BEST APPLESAUCE EVER PERIOD.

          1. If I only could use one apple for sauce, it would be Jonagold. But I usually have several varieties on hand, so I love to mix them up---you get better depth of flavour that way. Gala and McIntosh are great together, Goldens and Spartans are terrific. Fujis or even Red Delicious would work, but I'd mix them with Grannies to get a sweet/sour mix. Best advice would be for you to choose 2-3 of your own favourite apples and try them together.

            Not only do you want to blend the flavours, but some apples (Romes/Macs) fall completely apart, and it's nice to use another apple so that you have some texture to the sauce.

            Last but not least, cook the sauce to the texture you would like, then taste it before adding sugar. A lot of times I don't even need the sweet stuff.