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Dec 16, 2012 01:55 PM

Plum Pudding/Forgot to add the butter!

I can't believe this but I made plum pudding and forgot to add the butter. Now I'm poking little holes in them and pouring in a mixture of melted butter and brandy, and slowly simmer the oven proof bowls in this a good idea or will i have to start over... thanks so much

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  1. My gut says you need to start over as it won't fully incorporate but who knows. I would do what you are doing and then try one. If it tastes good you are all set!

    1. mmm thanks so much
      Yea..we'll see.
      Really appreciate the message~

      1. You are going to steam your pudding, this will provide some moisture.As well if you do douse with booze until the day you reheat I think it will be a good tasting pudding. I would leave your plum pudding as is and when serving would have a nice sauce to put over the top to compensate for missing butter. We flame our pudding afer heating it up and serve with a cream caramel rhum flavored sauce.

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          Ok, sounds good. I had poured some butter and brandy over now I'll stop that but continue lacing it. Tomorrow morning I'll try to slice a bit off the bottom and taste it. I see what you mean...that, by the time they pour the sauce on it, they might not miss the butter. Cream caramel rhum flavoured sauce sounds incredible.
          I actually had enough leftover ingredients to make another smaill batch. Haven't steamed it yet but it's ready and in the frig. With butter.
          Thanks again for the message. I appreciate the good news. We'll see tomorrow.

          1. re: pudce

            For the sauce, dark brown sugar, 35% cream gently simmered, add your booze at the end. It's a hit at my house.

            1. re: pudce

              Have you tried it yet? Please report back and let us know. :)

              1. re: foodieX2

                Hi, Busy day. My mother and I made it to Fedx Ground with 30 minutes to spare before final Christmas deadline. We took a slice off the bottoms and tasted them. Two we tossed out, and two were great. They were probably the ones I pulled out early and poured the butter and brandy into. Wrapped them in plastic wrap, then muslin, then clear plastic bag and tied them with twine. Cut some tags from file folders and they are on their way. The next little batch is on the stove simmering now. We already told one brother and he is so excited. He wants to know if it's ok if he laces it with rum instead. I am psyched about the rhum sauce! Thanks really everyone. My first time on Chow--I just found it online in my panic.
                I am so tired. Next year we're going to start in November. Thanks.
                Is it ok to lace it with rum?
                What about the ones we already started lacing with brandy?

                1. re: pudce

                  I would stick to one boozy flavour but that's just me. You could douse your puddings with the brandy that you started with but to your cream sauce add your rum.
                  Merry Christmas and enjoy that plum pudding!