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Dec 16, 2012 12:48 PM

Christmas eve dinner near Times Square/Broadway?

We are seeing a matinee of A Christmas Story on Christmas eve. We should be finished in time for a 6:30-7:00 meal. This will be a family of 5, no children. I am planning to treat so I would like to keep the cost around $30-40 per person at the most minus wine. The overall feel I get is that the family would like something nice, but not too fancy nor too risky. I do not think ethnic is really an option, but American, continental or even traditional European would be an option. They want to stay relatively near the theater district. I don't have a tremendous experience in this area so I am open and hoping for any suggestions. Open Table has a tremendous number of options, but I am looking for ideas to narrow this down. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I guess "ethnic"="non-European/American" to you, so if Greek is OK, see if Dafni is open. Otherwise, there are some Italian places in the neighborhood that get mentioned (do a search under "Times Square" on this board for loads of threads, including some very recent ones), particularly Trattoria Trecolori, which I haven't been to but which is quite reasonably priced for the neighborhood. You could also check out the menu at Marseille, a North African-influenced Provencale restaurant, as befits its name.

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      Please let me clarify. By ethnic, I meant this in an entirely anthropological way. To simplify, an easy way to think of it is that if the food would normally be described with a capital letter in the description (Irish, Mexican, Chinese, etc.) then I would simply be concerned about having difficulty pleasing everyone. I am making no judgements aside from that. I did not mean to offend. Marseille, by the way, looks to fit the bill.

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        But that would include French. Anyway, I'm glad if Marseille works for you.

      1. Ruby Foos is kind of fun and convenient.

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          OP wrote "I do not think ethnic is really an option"

        2. Is Italian OK? If so,I suggest Becco. Others here on CH may razz me for this but we ate there recently and the food was very good. Order the sinfonia de paste (salad or mixed antipasti and a trio of pastas for 22.95 per person) and you will be within budget.

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            Becco is good and convenient. You'll be rushed but you won't miss your show.

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              "You'll be rushed but you won't miss your show."

              They are seeing the show before dinner, so that is not a concern. The OP should just tell the server they are not in a rush and all should be fine.

              But I guess none of it matters since I gather the OP would categorize Italian as "ethnic."