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Dec 16, 2012 12:33 PM

Bulk Pork Chorizo ideas

So on a whim I bought a pound of bulk pork chorizo at Sprouts the other day as it was on sale. I've mostly only had chorizo in breakfast dishes, and in a taco once.

So I was curious what some of y'alls favorite non-breakfast uses for pork chorizo is?

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  1. I know its another breakfast type dish but I often make patties and put them on egg and cheese sandwiches for our weekly "breakfast for dinner nights". So good.

    I also use in queso, crumbled into mac n cheese and will replace some of the ground beef for tacos with chorizo.

    I am dying to try this too. I saw it on the "best thing I ever made-holiday edition" yesterday.

    1. Rick Bayless has some great recipes that use pork chorizo on his web site.... tacos, salad dressing, lots of others.

        1. How about tinga poblana -- basically shredded pork cooked with chorizo, chipotle, tomato, and onion. I once made the Bayless recipe from Authentic Mexican and a year later my friends were still raving about it.

          1. It is good in spaghetti sauce (with whatever other meat you are using)..
            I sometimes add it to meatloaf.
            I add it to nachos.
            I make tater tots or french fries and put diced green chile, cooked chorizo and shredded (usually cheddar) cheese on it and then melt the cheese under the broiler. You can add eggs if you want more protein.
            Chorizo and mushroom omlettes/frittata (with cheese) are good for dinner as well as breakfast. We have that at least once a week.
            It is wonderful in queso fundido.
            It is good on pizza (cook it first).
            It would make good "sausage gravy".
            I use chorizo for so many things.