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Dec 16, 2012 11:17 AM

How to freeze diver scallops?

I have a lovely dozen or so diver scallops that I planned to sear tonight but other plans have come up and the week will be very hectic so I'd likely not use them until next Saturday and would like to freeze them. What's the best way to freeze them? Any specific recommendations? I just planned to do my usual wrap with plastic wrap, freezer paper, foil and bag to keep as much air out as possible. I'd thaw in the refrigerator late this week so would only been in the freezer for 5 days or so. Will this be OK? I assume the texture, flavor, etc won't suffer too much with a quick trip to the freezer, but no experience so wanted to check. If it matters, I plan a very simple sear in a cast iron with salt and pepper.

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  1. Vacuum bag 'em if you can. They won't be as fantastic as they'd be tonight, but if they'll be better than average.

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      Unfortunately, I don't have a vacuum sealer. Wow, better than average is not such a great thing to look forward to :(

    2. They will not be the same, but they will be ok.

      1. I pulled out the scallops last night to thaw and tonight they were nearly perfect!! They let out more water than usual and did not get the same sear but I assume that's related to the freezing process as they are dry scallops. However, the texture and flavor were unchanged. Thanks for the advice. Just for future reference to anyone who might venture to this thread - I froze them in the coldest part of my freezer in 3 layers - plastic wrap, freezer paper and aluminum foil.