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Dec 16, 2012 11:01 AM

Soul Surfer Pizza - Skokie

This is the best kvegetarian/kosher pizza I have ever had! Have gone twice - carryout the second day they were open and Motzei Shabbos and have tried four of their pizzas - cheese, "italian sausage", "pepperoni". and pineapple, onion and "BBQ chicken". All were excellent - the "BBQ Chicken" sounds odd but it was great!

Spoke to the owner on how they developed their pizza recipes - she said that she relies on non-kosher taste testers to get her recipes as close to the traif variety all I can say is it is delicious!

Now the rough parts - they have been only open a week so they are still getting their service legs under them - but everyone is pleasant - even when the place is packed.

They still have not printed menus yet so the wait staff recites the pizza menu - hopefully this will be corrected soon.

Be aware this place is kosher so it will close early on friday and not be open saturday -

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  1. What are they using for sausage, pepperoni, and chicken? (I assume it's some kind of meat substitute, but what?)

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      I am not sure - but yes it would be a vegetable protein based

      1. Have to add - the Cheeseburger Calzone is AMAZING - fi this ia what cheeseburger taste like I can see why people like them

        And before anyone jumps in I have nothing to do with the restaurant I just live around the corner -

        1. The original comment has been removed