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Dec 16, 2012 10:58 AM

Soul Surfer Pizza - Skokie

This has been discussed in this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/880499 but the pizza is so GOOD I thought it deserves a thread with the restaurant name.

This is the best kosher pizza I have ever had! Have gone twice - carryout the second day they were open and Motzei Shabbos and have tried four of their pizzas - cheese, "italian sausage", "pepperoni". and pineapple, onion and "BBQ chicken". All were excellent - the "BBQ Chicken" sounds odd but it was great!

Spoke to the owner on how they developed their pizza recipes - she said that she relies on non-kosher taste testers to get her recipes as close to the traif variety all I can say is it is delicious!

NOw the rough parts - they have been only open a week so they are still getting their service legs under them - but everyone is pleasant - even when the place is packed.

They still have not printed menus yet so the wait staff recites the pizza menu - hopefully this will be corrected soon.

A definite muct stop in chicago -

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  1. I agree with you that the pizza is excellent and very interesting. This is very refreshing in a kosher marketplace full of bland kosher options but it might have made sense to create a printed menu and Facebook page before opening.

    These seem to be such basic items when opening any type of restaurant now a days.
    Another challenge is the tropical decor in such a drafty location. I understand they inherited this decor and it would be cost prohibitive to update it.
    I wish them well and I hope they are able to quickly address their most pressing matter of making an online printed menu available so everyone will be able to know what is available there. Otherwise the impression is that this is just another Malibu Pizza.

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      I have had BBQ Chicken and fake Pepperoni pizza at Jerusalem pizza in Detroit and although I won't say that it's the best pizza I have EVER had (working in a treif Italian hole in the wall in Skokie all through college will do that to you), it was one of the best Kosher pizzas I have tried! I am very excited to try Soulsurfing pizza as they will be the first in Chicago to offer these sorts of toppings and compare it to Michigan. I was planning to go there yesterday, but with the dreary weather it just never happened... I am totally psyched by all of the positive reviews on this board though! Since this is pizza, I certainly don't mind taking it out, so the decor may not be so much of an issue for me. I am glad they reopened in old Malibu - it's actually an awesome location for kid birthday party or a beach/Hawaiian Luau themed Bat Mitzvah:)
      I agree 100% though - an FB page these days is a MUST. Milt's BBQ isn't opening for another month or even longer and their name is already becoming a household listing because they are all over Facebook. Hamachi did the same thing. Anyhow, I wish them the best of luck and hope they "live long and prosper"!

    2. Having a serious case of Chicago envy. This sounds fabulous.

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