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Dec 16, 2012 10:28 AM

What the big chain cooking stores are stocking (or not)

Yesterday my brother in law dropped in on his way somewhere, and I'd just popped Madeleines in the oven to bake. It was nearly 3:30 so, imagine this, we had tea and warm Madeleines. He was so smitten that after he left I thought "The perfect present! I'll just zip over to the ---- at the mall and get him a Madeleine plaque." It did not even occur to me they wouldn't have them. They didn't, and while I was going through what they did have, I did not see a single item of baking wear without a coating, presumably nonstick. Does this mean people needing to replace things like plain steel cookie sheets or loaf pans or, God forbid,darioles, need to snag things when they see them because they are being phased out as Mauviel's heavy tin lined copper was? Sigh.

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  1. Not sure what retailers you are talking about but I never have a problem finding plain metal bakeware. I haven't needed replace any cookie sheets recently but saw some nice "restaurant" quality pans (jelly roll, cookie sheets, roasting pans, etc at Home Goods, BBB and of course WS and Sur La Table all located in or near the malls around here.

    When I got into bread baking a few years ago I found some great loaf pans in TJ Max but I it appeared to be a fluke-they bought a lot from an online cooking site that went belly up. I have not seen any thing great there in years with exception of a few random Le Creuset.

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      WS...they show them on their site, but I fear that what they show in their stores is often the first sign of a trend just because they are so dominant.

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        I too have purchased things like good baking sheets at Sur La Table, and many of my baking dishes and other cookware are from Home Goods. I've also purchased all of my cookie decorating supplies at Sur La Table. Also for ease, I usually find anything and everything I could want online on Amazon. I personally don't like stores like BBB because I find their selection to be limited.

        What store were you at that didn't have madeleine plaques? A quick online search shows Williams Sonoma carries them, although I don't know if they have them in the stores... I can't imagine them not though.