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Dec 16, 2012 09:28 AM

Nespresso "club"

We're getting a nespresso "U" and have been reading a bit about the "Nespresso Club"--apparently an online system for ordering pods. Some folks rave about it, but I haven't been able to get much info about how the "club" works. What are the shipping costs? Does it offer anything special that I won't be able to buy in a store? Are their special offers or freebies? I live near Boston, so I assume I can just go out and buy the pods locally,

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  1. Pods can only be purchased through Nespresso. You can go to one of their boutiques or order online. Shipping cost is flat rate no matter how much you order. Fast, typically two days

    1. The club is just a dumb way to gin up a feel of exclusivity to the whole Nespresso experience. That said I'm an avid Nespresso user as I'm too lazy to go through the trouble and expense of making consistently high quality espresso.

      There are some Nespresso stores in select cities including Boston. But, ordering online is easy, although a bit clumsy when you first come to the site - it's not that well designed. I've often received pods in less than 24 hours using their default and cheapest shipping method. They occasionally offer special, one-off pods, which are usually pretty good, but I've seen these same special pods in the stores (at least in Europe).

      1. They used to offer year-round free shipping for minimum purchases of 200 capsules, but I see now that this is a temporary offer that expires on 12/31/12 . Maybe they've decided to run 'sales' a few times during the year, so you'd need to spot-check the club if you want to avoid going to the Nespresso shops.

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            How do these work out? We have a burr grinder, and have been grinding our own for our current stove-top expresso maker. On the other hand, one of the reasons for getting this machine, is to not have to be constantly dealing with those pesky grounds that have a way (fueled by static electricity) of sprinkling our counters and sink areas.

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              They're very easy to use. I do 8-10 at a time (2-days' worth). Just measure out the ground coffee, tamp down and seal with a sticker. Less than 2 minutes per batch.

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