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Dec 16, 2012 09:19 AM

Pearl River Irish Pubs

This town has an abundance of this ilk-- about 7 Irish Pubs in a half mile stretch of the main drag, Central Ave.

Any advice on which one has the best food? Best burgers? Looking for some good pub grub, not a place for hanging out at the bar watching sports...

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  1. Wow, guess Pearl River is off the CH radar...

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      I've yet to come across one that has anything exceptional to write home about, but Johnny's BBQ is a good place t their food was good, (last visit 6 mos. ago), but it's not an Irish pub, so... not sure it fits your bill. I've been to the saloon, and the burger wasn't special, heard ok things about Gidea's which is an Irish pub but I haven't been there.