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Buche de Noel in SF Proper

Any recommendations for a buche de noel in SF? I found that Tartine has one for $56 and Destination Bakery is selling them for $27 - they both feed 8 people. Has anyone tried either? Thanks!

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  1. You might also look at Miette and Delessio, I saw Buche on both of their web sites recently.

    1. We've ordered a Buche from Miette in the past. Tartine's is ok according the French spouse but she prefers the miette one. Both are a bit too sweet.

      1. Bi-Rite Creamery makes Buche de Noel order before 12/21/12 for Xmas Eve or before 12/28/12 for NYE. 415-241-9760.

        1. add Thoroughbread on Church off Market to the list....

          1. b. patisserie is making them and they are divine but not cheap: $75 for 7". preorder on facebook, pickup at Flour&Water 1-2d before xmas.

            1. Schubert's on Clement has 12inch logs in 4 or 5 flavors...preorder by phone, they do not show on website.

              1. Arizmendi in the Sunset has them. Didn't catch the price.

                1. Craftsman & Wolves, SF makes a good looking one $35. Chocolate mousse, hazelnut, orange-ginger marmalade.
                  Pic attached.

                  1. does anyone know if these places sell buche de noel for a couple days after christmas?

                    is bi-rite creamery the only one that does?

                    i'm out of town for christmas, but would like to try one when i get back.


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                      I doubt anyone makes them after Christmas, though you might be able to special-order one.

                    2. Tout Sweet, SF makes it, Yigit Pura said on Twitter: "We have limited # of these sweet Buche today @toutsweetsf. come get one before 3, but I suggest you call & reserve xo pic.twitter.com/6s5bbj98"

                      1. Cafe Madeleine near Macys Mens on O'Farrell has Buche for $42. Easily feeds eight. Wonderful.