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Where can I buy soft ladyfingers in Twin Cities?

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I'm making tiramisu for Christmas Eve, does anybody know where I can buy the soft ladyfinger cookies in the Twin Cities?

I know of several places that have the harder ones, and prefer to get soft ones instead. TIA!

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  1. I believe Byerly's has them in the bread aisle. It has been years, but it took a couple sales people to help me find them.

    1. Not to push this thread into Home Cooking Forum territory, but I strongly prefer the non-soft type of ladyfingers for tiramisu. The soft ones end up too mushy.

      1. I concur, the soft kind are not traditional. I would expect them to be quite mushy as well - unless you are not soaking them in coffee and liqueur to some degree.

        1. Just saw soft ones at Trader Joe's in St. Louis Park today.