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Dec 16, 2012 07:14 AM

please tell me how to get off of the email replies to a post I made when I have all the information I need on that subject. I have dozens of new emails every day on one subject, and would like them to stop until I ask another.

removing old question so no more emails come for that one

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  1. I believe that the email notifications are either on or off. You cannot select which topics you want notifications for.

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    1. re: kengk

      thanks, so I will have to turn them off. Already, I have l0 posts in my gmail:-(.

      1. re: happygoluckyinoregon

        I believe in the new year they will be working on an unsubscribe feature which will solve your issue.


        meshane about 24 hours ago
        What Meredith said is that "being able to subscribe on a discussion level" is on the roadmap. Currently you can subscribe to e-mail notifications for all threads you've participated in or none of them. There is currently no way to subscribe on the specific discussions you want to. That is on the road map.
        In other words, the very thing you are requesting, "unsubscribe" is on the road map for early next year.