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Dec 16, 2012 06:10 AM

Freezing a buche de noel?

I am planning a buche de noel this year w cannoli filling and mascarpone icing. Would it be feasible to bake it a week before and freeze it?

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  1. Freezing Ricotta or Mascarpone is not advised. Both have a tendency to separate and/or get grainy.

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    1. I've never frozen one with a cannoli filling; only buttercream. I've found the best way is to wrap fully in wax paper, then foil. This only worked when I made the cakes in advance. I didn't ice the outside until I was ready to take them out and take them to wherever or sometime before serving.

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      1. Thanks! I think I'll put it off until the day before and just try micro batches of the filling/icing recipes I came up with ahead of time to see if they actually taste good! But I'm definitely going to use those wrapping methods for an upcoming buttercream/choco recipe I have in the works for new years!!!