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Dec 16, 2012 01:23 AM

Any details on the Steak du jour @ The Cannibal?

Hi my chowhound friends,

Since I cannot secure any reservation at Minetta Tavern for their steak, I am now leaning towards trying out this new restaurant (new to me ^^) The Cannibal. However, I researched that other than the very tempting picture of the Steak du jour (for 2) there isn't much information on the price (it is listed at MP) and what steak is it. Have anyone who tried can give more info?

- For MP, how much is it around? Just a ballpark will be great
- What cut of steak is it?
- Was it dry-aged? If so, for how many days?
- Does it rival Minetta Tavern's cote de beouf? Worth trying out??

Your great input will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I was looking for the same details. I haven't tried it yet but the Resto menu online shows, "cote de boeuf (for two) eight week aged, bone-in rib eye, bone marrow, frites, bearnaise, arugula 120." I think it's the same at The Cannibal based on this article:

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    1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

      Hi SomeRandomIdiot,

      Yes I learnt about the steak at Resto in another thread as well. Just curious, would you be interested in sharing this? :D

      Of course I am just asking. No worries if you don't .

      1. re: kobetobiko

        I sent an email to the address that you posted on the other thread.

    2. I have not had the steak at the Cannibal, but I would say Resto might be a more comfortable setting for such a meal. They are not a single entity, but Cannibal is an extension of Resto. The Cannibal is pretty tiny, and you might actually be more packed in than you are even at Minetta. You have as good of a chance of walking to Minetta and getting a seat at the bar as you do at Cannibal from my experience, although in the 8-10 PM window I would guess Cannibal is less impossible than Minetta.

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      1. re: Alan Henderson

        I can't imagine the Minetta bar would be comfortable either at this time of year, but completely agree about Cannibal. Aside from garden seating, it's set up as a beer bar, and quickly becomes cramped.

        You have to go really expecting an idiosyncratic time, with the possibility the bartender might act like he forgot they even serve food, and they're just figuring it out. Beer prices are on the steep side too.

        In any case, if you haven't come across this, it might give you a sense of pricing, and what they're up to. There's talk of a 50 day aged steak as well.

      2. eating the cote de boeuf at the bar at minetta seems horrible to me. ive eaten at the bar there and cant see paying that much with people all over you ordering drinks.

        i like the cannibal. ive had some "large format" meals inside and been to some events in the back and found the space comfortable. i dont think it gets crowded where people are standing behind you when you eat but it couldve gotten more popular lately.

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        1. re: sam1

          The large format meals like the pigs head are served on a cutting board, right? I would think it was more a matter of eating a heavy meal, while on a stool, without a lot of elbow room if the bar is full.

          Re: Minetta's bar, that area also acts as a hallway into the main dining room, and the servers access to the booths in front.

          1. re: sugartoof

            Had the cote de boeuf at Resto last week; have had the one at Minetta a couple of times. No competition, Minetta's is heads and shoulders better. However, the night at Resto they also had a t-bone for two and a NY strip for 2, so there's definitely options. I've eaten the steak at the bar at Minetta. It's not that bad, depending on your tolerance for those types of things.

        2. Went to Resto last night, the two steaks of the day were a 35 oz bone in cote de boeuf, aged 60 days, and a t-bone that was 50 oz.

          Ordered the cote de boeuf, it didn't come with any sides (no marrow, no fries), just bernaise sauce (which BTW was heavenly). The steak was excellent, not as funky or complex as other aged steaks I've had. Very well cooked, beautifully presented, I love that they pre-salt it with Maldon. We're normally not "sauce" people when eating steaks, but adored the bernaise.

          If I recall correctly, it was $95 dollars, and yielded some leftovers. Compare that to Minetta Tavern's $140 cote de boeuf. Even though Minetta's comes with a tiny salad and bone marrow (which is a smaller portion than the bone marrow app I believe), it's still quite a bit more expensive. I love MT, but their CdB is not always in the budget for people.

          Loved their take on deviled eggs served on pork "toast" (fried and breaded shredded pork). Their beef tartare was actually made with beef heart (!); it's a dish from the Cannibal menu. This dish was simple, classic, and very well executed. Ordered the seared brussels sprouts with pine nuts, which was fine, nothing special. Had a nice smoky and spicy mezcal cocktail. I was surprised they even had a short cocktail list, it's not online.

          Very easy reservation on OpenTable. We surmised that most of the traffic must be from walk ins. The Cannibal next door was packed basically the entire time, and Resto itself was about 80% full, including the bar seats.

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks for this. Do Resto and Cannibal serve the same steaks?

            1. re: peter j

              I would assume so, it looked like there was only one kitchen for both restaurants.