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Dec 15, 2012 09:01 PM

D'Artagnan Chickens- Sold with head inside?

Hi all-

I'm new to cooking meat, so apologies if this question is ridiculous, but: I just bought a whole D'Artagnan chicken from the Park Slope Co-Op and tossed it into my slow cooker without checking for giblets/gizzard first.

It's done now. I want to use bones for stock but am terrified I'm going to reach into the body cavity and find the head. Has anyone ever bought one of these chickens before? Is my terror justified?

Help please!

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  1. I haven't bought D'Artagnan chickens but I very much doubt the head is included. I think you can safely break down the bird without worries!

    BTW, do check the cavity in the future - often the giblets are packaged. I imagine the packaging would be hard to remove after cooking.

    1. Who the heck gave you the idea you'd find the head inside the chicken???

      No, you won't find a head inside your D'Artagnan chicken. (I've purchased their poultry frequently.) What you will find, however, is a paper or plastic package of the giblets inside.

      Fight down your "terror" & get that out, & then decide whether or not you want to eat the chicken. If the giblets were packaged in paper, that might just be unpleasant, but melted plastic? Not sure I'd want to eat that.

      1. The only time I've found a head attached to an animal was a whole suckling pig, it was tucked underneath so a bit of a surprise. I'm pretty sure heads of chickens are sold at a decent profit to pet food companies.