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Dec 15, 2012 08:41 PM

pig & mortar

has anyone tried this place? it's next to cadence, where i spin, and it tempts me after my evening workout ... just curious.

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  1. I live upstairs and I've eaten there a few times since it changed from Todd's. I've had a few of their flatbread wraps for lunch and have really enjoyed their Southern Piggy wrap. I also tried their Porker which was okay. Their flatbread wraps mostly have bacon (I think except one).

    They seem to have a few paninis and salads carried over from Todd's menu. They've also got some craft beers on tap but I've just been there for lunch so far.

    They've got a food cart "Pig on the Street" as well.

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      Heh, as much as I love Pig on the Street's bacon wraps, all of us at the office fell asleep after having it for lunch.