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Dec 15, 2012 08:21 PM

How to post photos in current format??!!

I tried uploading and post photos on the Ontario board together with my write-up but noticed after uploading the photos, there is NO INSTRUCTION to post them??!! Am I missing something??!!

  1. Click to Upload a photo (10 MB limit)
  1. Should be the same as the old way, when I click to reply to, the upload photo option is listed below this reply box and I can add pictures to this post.

    1. For a new thread, you have to click on the bar that says "start a new discussion". You will then see the "upload a photo" bar.

      1. Hi, Charles,

        Can you clarify what steps you took? When you make the post, you can choose a photo in the 'Upload a photo' box, and it'll then be uploaded and included in your post when you post it.