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What are some good high-class restaurants to dine solo?

hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 08:19 PM

Decided to treat my self an bday to a high class restaurants.
I did look at Per Se PP but it might be a little over price for me since i'm on 22
I'm looking to spend per person max 200$

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  1. a
    alepenazzi RE: hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 08:30 PM

    The Modern

    1. k
      kathryn RE: hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 08:31 PM

      $200 including tax and tip is about $155 for just food and drinks. Will you be drinking?

      When do you wish to dine?

      Are you thinking you'll dine solo at a bar or lounge area? Or at a table for one?

      When is this meal? Is this for lunch or dinner? Weekday or weekend?

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      1. re: kathryn
        hellodominick RE: kathryn Dec 15, 2012 08:41 PM

        Yes 200$ including tax and tip. and yes ill be drinking maybe 2 drink
        Tomrorow, is this bad news?
        and 3rd question anything would be fine
        4th question- Lunch

        1. re: hellodominick
          kathryn RE: hellodominick Dec 16, 2012 05:31 AM

          Many upscale restaurants are closed on Sundays; many also don't do weekend lunch if they are open on Saturday or Sunday.

          Per Se is an exception to this so you might want to do Per Se in the lounge anyway.

          Jean Georges is also open for Sunday lunch (and it's a prix fixe well in your budget) but doesn't have a bar. Their bar area is in another room called Nougatine and that has a separate menu. I just tried looking on Opentable for regular JG and can't connect for some reason. I'd call ASAP to ask if they have space for one.

          Bouley should also be open today for lunch according to their web site; call ASAP. Their OpenTable doesn't allow parties of 1.

          Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, The Modern, don't serve lunch on Sundays.

      2. l
        lemons RE: hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 09:14 PM

        I have been treated like reigning royalty at any of the Union Square Group. Madison Square Park is no longer affiliated, but was my most recent blowout meal with them. Modern is also very good. And has anyone done solo at Bernardin?

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        1. re: lemons
          hellodominick RE: lemons Dec 15, 2012 09:42 PM

          i saw on their site, that have lounges. Preferably for people who dines alone... But their lounge menu isnt as great looking as for the lunch

          1. re: lemons
            Sneakeater RE: lemons Dec 15, 2012 09:42 PM

            You can get the full dining-room LeB menu at the bar. It's a pleasure.

          2. s
            Sneakeater RE: hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 09:41 PM

            This is New York.

            They're all good.

            1. c
              calf RE: hellodominick Dec 15, 2012 10:37 PM

              Per Se salon is doable, and it is awesome. Pick any 3 courses, plus 2 desserts, plus a cocktail. For example from today's menu:
              - "Torchon" of foie gras, or Confit of matsutake
              - Grilled gulf cost cobia
              - Penobscot bay scallop [if they have the lobster, do that]
              - Citron cocktail [best cocktail I've ever had]
              - Coffee & donuts, or Creme brulee, or Vacherin
              - "Brownie"
              Gratuity is included, so plus tax this would total 185, as a starting point. The full menu is on 3rd page of: www.tkrg.org/upload/ps_menu.pdf
              (I had the Heart of palm salad and the "Agnolotti"--I feel mixed about these, and hesitate to recommend them, but: talk to your waiter).

              If you can get The Modern for dinner, that would be great too. 4-course menu for 100. Be sure to order the Caramel Parfait (it isn't available at lunch).

              But what kind of food do you like? What are you interested in? You could pick any of the restaurants from the Michelin guide and have a really nice meal--a lot of it depends on your preferences.

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              1. re: calf
                arepo RE: calf Dec 16, 2012 05:51 AM

                La Silhouette

                1. re: calf
                  hellodominick RE: calf Dec 16, 2012 06:29 AM

                  To be Honest, any food would do justice. I originally had plans for my bday today for party of 15 at Beauty & Essex. but everyone had last minute changes so im looking to spend that money on my self.
                  I will greatly look at The Modern menu

                  1. re: calf
                    hellodominick RE: calf Dec 16, 2012 06:31 AM

                    I called the Modern, their dining room is closed today but was able to get a table at the bar room

                    1. re: calf
                      kobetobiko RE: calf Dec 16, 2012 08:42 AM

                      Calf, have you tried Salon's dessert tasting? do you know if Per Se offers it at lunch and dinner? What time is the Salon open anyway? I can't find any info! Thanks!

                      1. re: calf
                        kobetobiko RE: calf Dec 16, 2012 08:54 AM

                        Hi Calf,

                        Do you have any info on the dessert tasting at the Salon of Per Se? I tried to search online but don't see any menu or info. Is it available for both lunch and dinner? I couldn't even find the opening hours of the Salon for each meal….

                        Your help will be greatly appreciated.


                        1. re: calf
                          calf RE: calf Dec 18, 2012 03:52 PM


                          The dessert tasting is kind of a gamble. The granité was really memorable and terrific. But I grew up on Asian food, and so I think for that reason, two other desserts didn't quite click (the sticky rice and the pumpkin spice cake [technically it's a délice]). For the same price I could have picked 3 desserts a la carte (and although the tasting is more items—5 desserts plus amuses and mignardises—quantity isn't necessarily "better"). So I think the decision depends on how adventurous you feel at that moment.

                          As for hours I'm pretty sure it's the same as restaurant hours, both lunch and dinner. So for lunch I went at 11:30, and it lasted till 2:30. (ridiculous! 3 hours. but it was so posh and nice) Just walk in, they are super nice.

                          One thing—on Fri/Sat/Sun the dining room has a 5-course lunch menu for 185. The menu is included in the pdf on those days, and the items look really interesting. The Salon menu tends to be classics plus items off the Tasting menus, but the lunch menu is totally different dishes. I don't believe it's served in the Salon, but doesn't hurt to ask.

                        2. h
                          hellodominick RE: hellodominick Dec 16, 2012 06:46 AM

                          I called my reservation at The Modern since it was bar menu instead. and got a reservation at Jean Gorges.
                          Le Bernardin doesnt serve on sunday
                          how long would a 3 course menu last.?

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