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Dec 15, 2012 07:26 PM

Hacking The Sodastream

I am thinking about getting a Sodastream but I am not really interested in using their syrups. I have lots of recipes for citrus syrups and fruit syrups. I have a copy of Open Cola somewhere I wanted to try to turn into a diet soda for the hubby. What I have not been able to find is a Dr. Pepper type recipe to make a syrup out of. There must be one floating around somewhere since many grocery stores have a knock off version. Has anyone ever seen anything similar to a Dr. Pepper type drink syrup?

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  1. I saw a comment in a article about water kifir that mentioned adding raisins made the drink taste like DP. I googled around for home versions and found a few but nothing looked completely satisfying. The book _homemade soda_ did not appear to have one when I looked at the "Look inside" on Amazon.

    You might try something like this

    You can also purchase the syrup, even from Sam's Club or Amazon.

    1. We absolutely love our Sodastream, in fact we're expecting the newest "Revolution" version to arrive next week.

      The only SS syrup we use much of is the Tonic or Rootbeer, we're not big off-the-shelf soda drinkers to start with.

      For more adventurous flavors I've used the Stirrings brand mixes, esp. Blood Orange Bitters.

      Perhaps some Angostura Bitters might give an extra zing to your Dr. Pepper taste-alike quest?

      1. I'm interested in natural flavors without sugar or sweetener, anyone using fresh mint?

        1. We've had a sodastream for at least ten years and love it. But we rarely if ever add anything to it except occasionally some cranberry juice.

          1. I think that I've long since donated my copy away, but Brother Peter Reinhart has a cookbook (from when he was a lay brother running the order's restaurant) with homemade soda syrup recipes. He was making ginger ale, a "red zinger" tangy concoction, and something rootbeer-ish. One of these, hacked (I like that bitters idea) may get you something real, healthier and tasty.