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Dec 15, 2012 06:58 PM


So, the classic BLT is lightly toasted white bread, lettuce (romaine, right?), bacon, tomato, and mayo (in most cases). Know it, love it. But does anyone else do variations on the classic?? I will sometimes do toasted bread, spinach, bacon, and honey mustard. It's so gooood! Please share your versions =)

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  1. I like to sub thin slices of avocado for the mayo. Also, it's great with arugula instead of romaine....mmmnn too bad tomatoes are out of season.

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    1. re: debbypo

      Avocado would be interesting.I agree about the tomatoes! I went through a big tomato sandwich phase over the summer that I wouldn't mind repeating right now!

    2. I'm satisfied with B's?? No lettuce... fine with me. Tomoatoes ONLY when they're super great summer ones. White bread, mayo and bacon... works for me.

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      1. re: kseiverd

        True...ain't nothin compare to a fresh tomato :)

        1. re: kseiverd

          BLTs are a summer treat - no point in eating them if you can't get a fresh tomato, preferably one harvested within 20 feet of the kitchen. Additions are allowed, but it can't be a BLT if it doesn't have bacon, lettuce and tomato.

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            Oh yes, I ate many a bacon only sandwich on toast as a kid.

            1. Supper tonight was BLTA, iceberg L, Dukes mayo. I'm sassified.

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              1. If you're gonna do it, might as well go all the way.....
                Toast the bread in some of the bacon grease.

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                1. re: zippypinhead

                  lol who are you! Paula Deen or Michael Symon!? ;)

                2. I always like avocado and some red onions in my BLT.

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                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    I suppose we could call that a won't float, sorry, ipse.

                      1. re: Veggo

                        How about a BLAB? Bacon, lettuce, avocado, brioche? Better yet, make it someone's name... T. Blab, so that we can get tomatoes in there too.

                        I mentioned in another thread that when I'm in China, every now and then a BLT is in the cards. The bad news is, often the only place to get it on the go is a Subway.

                        1. re: Veggo

                          If it's a BLOAT it's gonna float. Like those kelp bladders and other things we won't mention.