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Dec 15, 2012 05:02 PM

that was the best meal i had all year

I was inspired by the Los Angeles thread what was the best meal of 2112. So this one is for everyone. What was your favorite meal this year and was it an occasion or did you find a great recipe? Anything goes. For me it was actually two, but they were for the same occasion. I was at a wedding for a friend out of town and the rehearsal dinner served prime rib and creamed spinach and baked potato. The salad was ice cold with a homemade ranch that I also used on the potato cuz it was just that good. The creamed spinach was the best I have ever had bar none. And the meat and horsey sauce were lip smacking. Just the right meat to fat ratio. The next day at the wedding they served lobster. Also perfect done just right in a catering service situation. Again ice cold salad and the side was charred corn on the cob. Everything was exellent. Later I found out they were one and the same restaurant/catering company. If i get back to Wolfboro NH I will eat there every night. Cannot remember the name of the place right now but they were outstanding. So now comes the million dollar question... what's yours?

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  1. Oh man, I might just say it was the dim sum at Orchids Garden in Las Vegas last weekend. We were dim sum starved after the LV strip sticker shock on everything there, so I looked online and found one with a lot of 4-5 stars. Honestly, the food was fantastic (except for the fried squid, it was very greasy, but it tasted good), the prices were really reasonable, and the staff was very attentive without being annoying. Also, there was no line to get in there, which is a clarion call to me after we'd spent two days in LV waiting in line to go up a damn escalator. A lovely little dim sum haven in crazy LV. That makes it one of the best this year due to low expectations and minimal to zero human humiliation, Las Vegas style.

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      I have yet to try a dim sum restaurant because there isn't one here and I got outvoted in out of town situations so i quit voting with the ex. Where I am has alot of restaurants so it is surprising there isn't dim sum here.if I get a shot at trying one I will.

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        I'm surprised at how few there are around me, too. There are two in Tucson and not that many more in the whole Phoenix area, judging from a search I did a while back.

    2. Well for me, it wasn't a meal, but I recently tried the cheesecake at Phillips European in Rochester, NY ... and I swear ... it was like having a religious experience.

      1. Not this year, but was just remembering a very basic meal I was once served in Iceland on a day bus trip. We were herded into a big lunchroom. There was some kind of soup. Then came the main event, huge platters of chunks of steamed codfish that must have been swimming in the North Atlantic 30 minutes earlier. That, and big bowls of plain boiled potatoes that had a garden-fresh potatoey flavor, and pitchers of sweet melted butter to pour over them. That was it. Some sort of pudding or cake, I don't recall, and there must have been something to drink, but what I remember was absolutely plain ingredients (fish, potatoes, butter) of incomparable freshness and quality---without distractions of method or extraneous ingredients. There was a lesson in that meal.

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          Querenica, I want that meal now! I can taste it in my head....

        2. I had a minor mechanical problem with my truck and had to spend an unscheduled night in Wyoming a couple of weeks ago, this very nice 50 something lady that worked at a C-store felt bad for me and took me to her home. She made me baked chicken and a box of rice-a-roni. Best meal I had all year (believe me!)

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            Aww. That is very sweet. Its nice to hear about the good souls that are out there

          2. Tricky question. Not least as the year is not yet over and I'm eating a Michelin 2* meal tomorrow night.

            Tricky also because we had two supremely wonderful meals during the year. A 2* and a 3*. Different styles of cooking and different experiences, so it's difficult to make a straight comparison, so it'll have to be a tie between them:



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              Both meals sound divine. I can see why it would be difficult to pick one