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Dec 15, 2012 04:51 PM

Authentic Chinese banquet for a 60th party

I want to go the chinese banquet route for my big birthday--I love CHef Jon's in Whippany on Rte 10--soup dumplings, rice cakes, etc-but don't think the space works. It will be around 25 people. Will bring in drinks ourselves. Most coming from the Scotch Plains area-but also from all over-PA, NY, LI etc. any ideas? Just don't want to go into Manhattan.

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  1. Are you looking for a dinner or brunch? Soup Dumplings and Rice Cakes normally would not be served on a Banquet menu....but I'm sure most restaurants would do their best to accommodate your wishes.

    In Parsippany can choose between Noodle Chu or Qin Dynasty.

    1. Wonder SeaFood in Edison is really really good. Speak with Tom the manager. He is very kind and helpful. We have had several banquet celebrations there and everyone loved it. He catered to all tastes, the excotic and the far from exotic!

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        Sunny Palace in East Brunswick is pretty good also if it is not too far from you. Attended and held several banquet there. Banquet dishes are on par with NYC and service is always excellent.

        Wonder Seafood serves great food but if location and decor of the venue is important to you Sunny Palace is a much nicer choice.