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Dec 15, 2012 04:18 PM

Help! We are taking a roadtrip from Philly to Fl (with 3 kids) restaurant suggestions? Charleston? Savannah?

We are taking a road trip to Fl. Any suggestions for great restaurants in Charleston, SC and Savannah? The kids are used to eating out (6, 8 and 10 yo) and are very well behaved at restaurants. I'm especially interested in reco's for Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville). We will be traveling last two weeks of this month. 3 of us are adventurous eaters and love to experience local cuisines.


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  1. Have you searched on here for existing Charleston and Savannah posts? There are many, for example:

    For Jacksonville, you should search/post on the Florida Board.

    1. Are you planning to stay in these areas or just looking for a restaurant to take a break from the drive?

      Jacksonville and Savannah won't delay you much. Charleston is about an hour from I-95.

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        Yes... we will be in Savannah one night, Charleston is two nights. I was looking for good food but enough choice for kids or kid's menu. I will keep searching the board. Thanks.

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          Here is another exisiting post hat addresses Charleston with kids:

      2. Founds some posts.. very helpful.. thanks
        Littleman's posts were very good. (I-95 with kids)

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          I meant to add that once you read through some of the existing posts, feel free to ask any questions about specific places and it will be much easier to get answers from other posters.

        2. I know some of the places on that long list are closed, so be sure to call first to make sure you don't get off the road for nothing.

          1. We travel the I-95 corridor thru SC & Ga a lot on our way to Florida. Several years ago found mention of Skippers Fish Camp in Darien Ga on this board. Since then we plan our trips to always include a stop at Skippers. Basic fresh fish sandwich is great and it’s on the waterfront so the kids will love it. Short hop (about 10 minutes) off I-95 at exit 49 (if you’re southbound) or Exit 42 (northbound) in Georgia.

            Skippers Fish Camp ~

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              Just an office alert - link has loud music!