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Dec 15, 2012 04:08 PM

Quick London Update (Gripe) re: Moti Mahal compared to others in uk

Just a quick update: we are nearing the end of our 2 week trip. I will try to do a solid trip report when i get back, but i wanted to vent a bit about Moti Mahal.

First we had soso meal at rajpoot in Bath, not bad but my lamb gosht was extremely hot though gf did love her chicken tikka masala. The chutneys were all old and salty, and in general things were bland outside of my mouth burning gosht.

Next we had what i consider to be my favorite indian meal ever at husseins in stratford upon avon. Again gf had chicken tikka masala but this time her mouth dropped as the flavors amazed her. My lamb korma as well was glorious and had a completely different and much better collection of flavors when compared to anything ive had in america, and the meal on a whole was far better then at rajpoots.

Tonight we went to moti mahal. I and the gf both regret it greatly. To start, we were sat at the very last table on the bottom floor no more than 3 feet from the bathroom door. The service was cold and i had a hard time understanding the russian accent. The food was bland and the chicken my gf had was all fatty cheap thigh meat. The chefs choice naan were just plain naan. Te rice was aromatic but aside from that nothing we had tonight was anywhere near as good as our dinner at husseins. None of this would be a big deal if it hadnt cost 4 times what husseins did. To give it another slant. We spent about 25 more pounds on our meal at roganic AND THAT WAS THE BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD, and it included an extra course and 2 excellent and expensive alcoholic beverages.

I have no problem spending money, if a meal is worth it. Moti mahal was a huge letdown. I wouldnt even have minded if it was at least great service or one dish stood out. Thank jeebus we still have the ledbury to look forward to.

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  1. I could have warned you about Rajpoot in Bath, it is one of those regional Indian restaurants that has a plethora of awards on the wall rating it the "best" in numerous unknown awards i.e. The West Country Plumbers Merchants Best Curry House Award 1998. There are many better in the city - but they are slightly out of the centre.

    As to Moti Mohal - I tend yo agree with your comments. It's OK but not on my return list - I think there are many better. I have also been to Husseins and it is OK, I wouldn't compare it with some of the better West Midlands laces but for a tourist town like Stratford it is consistent and delivers.

    1. I should also ask what made you change from the Italian lace you originally booked in Bath?

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        We went to sotto sotto and loved it. Great value and service was awesome, food overall was great quality and we had a great time there. After walking around we realized we needed another day in bath so we decided to stay the night and ended up at rajpoot on a whim. I tried to get the family out into bham for a curry but they just arent as into it as i am.

      2. Obviously, as always, these things are a matter of personal taste and restaurant experiences differ. The OP clearly likes to order the "standard" curry house offerings like chicken tikka masala and korma - dishes that Moti Mahal dosnt offer.

        I havnt been seated in the basement at Moti Mahal but would have to agree that, like most basement eating areas, it isnt particularly pleasant - particularly if your table is near the toilets.

        I first ate there in 2010 and I'd regard it as one of the best meals we had that year - not just of south asian cuisine but of any food style. A return visit, last February, was also pretty good - although more restrained as I ate from the bargain set menu. As I indicate in one of the following reviews, it's amongst my top five south asian restaurants in the country.

        1. Shame about that. Anyway, based on your experience I'd avoid the Bombay Brasserie, Trishna etc.