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Dec 15, 2012 03:37 PM

Best sliced sourdough sandwich bread available in Sacramento?

Have relied on Colombo sourdough for my morning toast but, alas, the bakery has closed and I am trying to find a suitable substitute. I also used Colombo to make salad croutons. Nothing I have tried so far seems to have the right texture and does not toast up properly. Any suggestions? I originally am from the Bay Area and was raised with really yummy sourdough....

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  1. La Brea, but it comes in a loaf for you to slice.

    1. I think that the sourdough at Boudin is really good!

      1. I use the Sacramento baking company sourdough. And Truckee makes a good loaf.

        1. I'd go with Truckee Sourdough, some of the best commerical breads I've ever had. They're available in the foothills at Grocery Outlet stores, but you could check their website for Sac city stores. Toasts like a DREAM.

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            Have been enjoying the Boudin bread though it is a drive just to stock up. Will check the local Grocery Outlet for Truckee Sourdough. Haven't found the La Brea yet....any idea who carries it? Thanks for the help!!!!

            1. re: wpattillo

              La Brea is in Save Mart and their site says.

            2. re: toodie jane

              I have seen Truckee Sourdough at WF and I like the sourdough from Boudin too. I pick it up and get breakfast on my mornings off at the Boudin in Loehmanns plaza.

            3. Have you checked Corti Brothers on Folsom at 59th.

              Also Bakker Back in Town and Country at Marconi and Fulton.