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Dec 15, 2012 03:01 PM


whats the price for a 4 course diner ther?

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  1. We made our own 4 courser and paid around 250 for 2 (with half a bottle dont recall $$). We shared the following

    1st - Ricci, Astice
    2nd - Pansotti
    3rd - Fusilli, Spaghetti
    4th - Bomboloni and ?

      1. We ate the 6 course dinner last night, not the 4 course one. I can honestly say that it was as good a meal as we have had here in NYC. Every course was great but the lobster with Buratta was amazing. Anyone that goes here should be sure to try this. We let them choose the wine pairings for us (from their wine by the glass list) and they did a great job. They have a great list and a great set of wines available by the glass which allows the customer to have a true pairing.

        We will be going back in January which is the true measure of what we thought of the restaurant.

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          What was the price of the 6 course tasting. We are deciding between Jungsik and and Marea for a big birthday dinner in Feb. Thanks.

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            Both are excellent, but I think that Jungsik would be a very good choice. It's a bit different than the usual.

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              I believe the food was $130 per person and the wine (you can go any direction you want with that) was $160 per person. Both good values for what we received