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Dec 15, 2012 02:50 PM

Anywhere to get a REAL Rum Baba anywhere?

The Tortuga Rum Cake thread got me thinking....I'm tired of crappy fake rum flavorings with a dash of sodium benzoate for good measure. I want an Italian rum dessert with REAL rum. Even an anise cookie made with real Anisette would suffice! Anywhere to go to get this now that my dear old Nonna has passed?

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      lol.. I 1965 maybe.

      ... extra sodium benzoate please....erp...derp.

    2. Maybe Elm St bakery in Everett?

      1. PB Boulangerie , Wellfleet, Cape Cod
        Very nice
        Otherwise, France

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        1. re: skshrews

          That's a great thought! Maybe I'll even try their new Falmouth store (closer to me) as I'll be in town there Monday anyway. I'll report back on the So. NE board if they have them. Thanks!

          1. re: skshrews

            Yes, I second PB Boulangerie. Their Baba au Rhum is very French, i.e. delicate brioche soaked in real rum syrup. Delicious!

            1. re: jwexler99

              I actually went to Maison Villatt Boulangerie in Falmouth. It's a newly opened bakery in Falmouth center owned by Boris, the former head baker at PB Boulangerie. The selection was even broader than that in Welfleet and the products are incredible. And yes, I got my real Baba au Rhum. It's not the same as the typical Italian/American pastry concoction which has a rum soaked pastry filled with a rum flavored custard, but it was exquisite in it's own right.

              Thanks to all for their suggestions.

          2. How abut Antonies pastry shop in Newton?
            317 Watertown St
            Newton, MA 02458
            (617) 527-6747

            1. If you wish to take a trek to Lawrence or Methuen, both Tripoli's and Piro's have real rum baba's.

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              1. re: treb

                I love the chocolate rum baba at Tripoli's