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Late night options?

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We're going to a movie tonight, and were going to go for an early dinner, but we ended up filling up on a late lunch at El Chilango, and now I'm trying to find a late night dining option. We should be getting out of the movie around 11:15-ish at Gallery Place. Somewhere around Gallery Place or Columbia Heights is preferable.

Jaleo might be an option - they are open til midnight, but don't take reservations past 11pm, Graffiato's kitchen closes at 11, but they have the pizza oven open til midnight, but we're not really in the mood for their pizza. Room 11 and Maple are open til midnight, but I don't think we'd make it. I guess there's Hamilton (is the food any good?) or the new diner in Columbia Heights - The Coupe (I've heard the food isn't that great)...


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  1. Satellite Room over in the U Street neighborhood.

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      Thanks, I'll keep that one in mind for next time. We ended up just barely (literally) making it to Jaleo. First time since reno. and food was good, but service was pretty bad.