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Dec 15, 2012 12:51 PM

Pre-dinner drinks, do you bring a gift?

We are going out to a restaurant with friends. They have invited us over to their place for pre-dinner drinks (Champagne) to celebrate the holidays. Do I need to bring something/gift??

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  1. Not required but a nice gesture.

    1. I second that while it's not required, it would be a very nice gesture.

      Frankly, I always bring something when I'm invited to someone's home for whatever reason (unless it's a close buddy & we're just meeting for coffee or something).

      1. Maybe just something small that would go with the champagne, like some good crackers or something.

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          Well, I wouldn't just bring a box of crackers. Perhaps with a nice cheese or two to enjoy with the bubbles?

          1. re: Bacardi1

            By "good crackers" I meant something REALLY nice, or even homemade. Not a box of Ritz LOL Cheese would definitely be a great addition to the crackers. I just know I like eating good salty crackers (or potato chips shh) with champagne :)

          2. re: juliejulez

            I hate it when someone brings anything over that obviously is selected to go with something I'm serving! I always plan an appropriate accompaniment to anything I serve, and if a guest brings an obvious accompaniment, I feel obligated to serve it.

            A small gift is otherwise never inappropriate, but certainly not required I you are simply invited over for drinks before going out for dinner.

          3. I always bring extra drinks whenever I'm invited to such an event. If their planned pre-dinner drinks are champagne, then I would bring wine, beer or whiskey.

            1. My standard this year is a bottle of perpetual vanilla that I made in August. Two vanilla beans steeped in rum. With a bow of course.