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Dec 15, 2012 12:47 PM

Do you recommend Harvest in Cambridge?

We'll only be in Boston for a few nights and are looking for a memorable meal that is vegetarian friendly/local/organic/artisanal. Is this the place for us? Or would you suggest somewhere else? thank you!

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  1. Look at the menu for Oleana in Cambridge.The veg tasting menu is bargain.

    1. I'd suggest Rendezvous in Central Square.

      1. TW Food has wonderful vegetarian offerings and meets your other requirements. I know that Oleana is a board favorite but I was underwhelmed by the food there this past summer, fwiw. (The wine at Oleana was spectacular though, and the sommelier was very helpful.)

        1. Harvest is a nice place --- in fact, my favorite restaurant in Harvard Square. If you are staying in Harvard Square, touring Harvard during the day, or seeing a movie at the Brattle Theater afterwards, I woudn't hesitate to go there. But I wouldn't go out of my way to go there either. Oleana, Ten Tables, Craigie on Main, Bondir, Hungry Mother, Bergamot, Salts, and Catalyst are all better, and in the same broad area and price range. (Craigie and Bondir are a touch more expensive). They are also more crowded, so make a reservation early.

          1. I have somewhat mixed feelings, but in terms of catering to vegetarians you might also consider Journeyman in Somerville. A bit pricier than other recs (unless you do an off peak 4 courses for 40) but certainly memorable and a nice place.