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Dec 15, 2012 12:19 PM

Oakland Christmas Eve Take Out

I have agreed to provide Christmas Eve dinner in Oakland for about 12 family members. So I am looking for good take out food - this is a moderately sophisticated but not picky crowd (as far as ingredients, style, etc.). Someone suggested the fried chicken at Merritt Bakery, which is open until midnight 7 days a week, including holidays! Anyone know about that place? Any other thoughts, ideas?

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  1. Tamales from Tamales Unicos de Cuernavaca. Order ahead, they're pretty sure to sell out. Order some of the green-sauce pork ones, they're the best and only available by advance order.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I want to thank you (belatedly) for an amazing christmas eve feast. These tamales were so wonderful! We went over the day before, having ordered a week earlier, and just checked in. We ordered about 3 dozen tamales, including the green pork (wow! Great, and spicy!) And the sweet (pineapple-some of us loved them, others were not as enthusiastic). The family running the place was great. When we showed up at 5pm on Christmas eve he said "I have a pot full of tamales, and I don't want to take them all out. Give me a $25 deposit, and kill give you the whole pot, there are about 6 extra" We 2pm that pot full of tamales to the dinner, and feasted! Chicken, pork, beef, cheese (with jalapenos) and the other two mentioned earlier. The massa is so good, soft and light, plenty of filling. Really a treat. Thank you.

    2. Would the fried chicken still taste good after being transported back home? I like ordering Chinese food, reheating the dishes slightly in the microwave, and serving them on nice plates. Both K.H. and East Ocean are excellent candidates in Alameda, and are better (and just slightly more expensive), in my opinion, than all their counterparts in Oakland Chinatown. K.H. delivers. Not sure about East Ocean.

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      1. Last year, someone brought a large tray of salmon teriyaki from Andronico's to feed the non (red) meat-eaters at our Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite good.I think we're doing it again this year.