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Dec 15, 2012 11:16 AM

Openings in 2013

Michele Forgione (Osteria Venti) announced that he will finally open a gelateria in 2013! I think it deserves the creation of this 2013 openings thread!

Also opening in 2013 : Rustique, a pie shop in St-Henri ( I already put it in the 2012 thread but it should be here.

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  1. An outpost of Toronto "hotspot" La Société will be opening around March in the Loews Hotel Vogue on de la Montagne, which is currently undergoing a complete renovation. The food is apparently nothing to write home about but the restaurant attracts its fair share of "celebrities" and Toronto "socialites" ( I wonder if this type of overpriced see-and-be-seen place will "fit" in the Montreal scene.

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    1. re: certifiedfresh

      La société opened a few weeks/day ago in time for the F1 GP.

      Highlights from the online menu is that they seem to sell mill street brewery beers at their montreal location, which is a good thing!

      Otherwise at this point not much other info/opinion as I havent tried it yet, but decor wise, what an improvement over the old place.

      1. re: westaust

        Societe in Loews has recently opened, and is already infamous for being awarded zero stars in a review from the Gazette's Lesley Chesterman. Honestly, it is absurd for a french restaurant from Toronto to expand in Montreal.

        1. re: Siumaieater

          Here's that awesomely scathing review:

          Curiously, her second zero-star review of the month, and she says she went decade without one of those:

          Bad luck, or maybe she's just reached a point where she's not even gonna try to be nice about a bad experience? (I'm guessing a bit of both)

          Anyway, to me, the Icone review sounds rougher, but the Societe one is more amusing for the French bistro from T.O. reason.

    2. Les Enfants Terribles will be opening a new restaurant on L'ile-des-soeurs. Same concept, with a huge terrasse by the water apparently, should open in March.

      1. I think someone took over the "Meat Market" location (and I assume permits) to open a new restaurant.

        Papered up, building permit posted...

        1. Pitaya Maya in the West Island is opening on Jan 30th.

          1. Whatever happened to GUU opening here?

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