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Dec 15, 2012 10:57 AM

Best AYCE Buffet in Richmond Hill, North York, or Midtown (Started Dec 2012)

Hi everyone. I know that there are other threads on AYCE buffets here, but I thought to start a new post that's more updated.

Therefore, what do you recommend as the best AYCE buffets in either Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, or Midtown Toronto?

The following link propose places like Echo Sushi, Yang's Kitchen. I've also heard of Ginza. However, I've looked at online reviews like Yelp and Restaurantica and each restaurant has significant negative feedback so I'm conflicted. Thank you very much!

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  1. *Edit: I meant to write "Best AYCE JAPANESE Buffet" since I'm interested in Japanese cuisine.

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      Nagoya in markham is good. Kennedy rd and 14th

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        Well Fushimi is interesting.
        I just want to say that as with all buffets not all items are great there are hits and misses. This place is where Taste of Japan use to be so they have teppanyaki tables which you can request to sit at and order grilled items. I like the grilled items, I like that the sashimi is served on ice. I find fried items to be so so. I also liked the naruto roll and the walnut shrimp.
        One other thing that is interesting about this place is that they have a specials menu that changes very couple weeks.
        I also like Osechi japanese cuisine at Commerce Gate in Ricmond Hill. They have a nice variety and interesting decor.

    2. Thank you for your responses, Lovemomoe and sweetie!

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        I personally still like Yangs at Kennedy and 7 a lot. Lots of complaints about service but I've never had a problem. For dinner, sashimi are thick slices. The rolls (rainbow, spider, black dragon) are good quality compared to other joints. And the cooked foods are also good: beef rolls, steak skewers, squid skewers, charcoal chicken wings and tempura shrimp.
        Lots of choices at lunch. Slightly higher price than others but they get you in and out fast. Rarely missed orders.
        I've tried Akina, Sushi on 7, Nagoya, Osechi, Maison du Japan and we always go back to Yangs.