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Dec 15, 2012 10:56 AM

Magazine/St. Charles St. Garden District Resto Recs

We are planning an afternoon walk around the Garden District. followed by an early dinner and later an evening of xydeco music at the Rock n' Bowl. A friend said that there are many good resto choices on St. Charles and Magzine streets.

We are not seeking a white table cloth choice (i.e. NOT Commander's Palace), but something much more modest. Any ethnic style is possible but something distinctive with a good p/q ratio is ideal. Please offer some suggestions.

I realize that Mahoney's on Magazine is a possiibility, but are there other good options?

BTW how is the pork prepared in a Cochon Po Boy; is it roasted with crackling skin?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. slow roasted full pig, then pulled. Magasin is a new Vietnamese place on Magazine Street, Hanna a good sushi place at the Riverbend. Ye Old College Inn next to Rock n Bowl is a good homestyle neighborhood restaurant. Everyone seems to love Rum House, a caribbean fusion taco joint, Martinique Bistro is a nice French bistro, Basil Leaf pretty good Thai, Lebenon’s very good Middle Eastern.

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    1. I would go to Joey K's. They have fantastic meals and serve beers in huge frozen goblets. Makes the Blue Moon's all the better. Seriously try the fried artichoke hearts. We have not had a bad meal there and we have been there at lunch, early afternoon and late dinner.