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Dec 15, 2012 10:12 AM

Pour spout for Trader Joe's Olive Oil?

I typically keep one or two one liter bottles of Trader Joe's olive oil out on counter. I've wondered about buying pour spouts to insert into the necks of the bottles to replace the screw cap and largish plastic spout that come with the bottles.

Please don't critique my choice of oil, yes, there are finer oils. I'm interested in a pour spout for TJ's 1l bottles. Have you tried one that you like and can recommend?

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  1. I find the bottle too bulky for pouring on salads or finishing a dish with a drizzle, so I have a narrow glass bottle (it once held grappa) and that gets the pour spout. PS TJs olive oil is all I use--for everything.

    1. Wish I could help. I buy Costco olive oil (not even extra virgin!) and use it for everything, but I pour the oil into another smaller container with a better spout.

      1. I have no knowledge of the size of the neck on Trader Joes olive oil. I tend to put my oil into a leftover liquor bottle (and many of them are quite stylish), and use the standard pour spouts any bar uses for them. Only caveat is to get a plastic spout, not metal. Metal spouts react with the oil and tend to cause some off putting funky tastes.

        1. Ditto what everyone else says. Pour some oil into a separate container and stash the big bottle. You'll like it!