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Dec 15, 2012 09:57 AM

Prague Deli

Sad to see it so changed and - surprise surprise - empty or fairly so these days. I used to love their deli counter and would buy certain things religiously - the little smoked sausages, the Gypsy ham, the Christmas marzipan and chocolate goodies, the herring salad but mostly the perogies since the commercial ones are stodgy and awful. So does Prague have any deli area at all any more - I don't have the heart to step inside now.

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  1. It's at the back of the restaurant. More expensive than it used to be, too.

      1. re: A flock of seagulls

        New owners taking over in Feb. Let's hope they'll have the good sense to return to the original plan!

        1. re: gttahaveit

          Exactly. I loved Prague Fine Foods Emporium and hated Prague European Kitchen, despite the menu being mostly the same. The former was cosy and charming; the latter cold and uninviting.