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Dec 15, 2012 09:53 AM

Nice restaurant for Christmas Eve Dinner in Manchester Township?

I'm visiting my Mom in Whiting, NJ for Christmas. I'm looking for a nice restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve and on 23rd. Any suggestions?

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  1. Unfortunately, you're in the middle of the Pine Barrens and there's not much nearby. Your best bet would be to head towards the shore and Route 9 but note that a number of restaurants were damaged from "Sandy" and may not be open. If they're open, Il Giardino Sul Mare in Forked River has excellent Italian cuisine.

    1. I recommend Villa Vittoria in Brick. I eat there frequently. It's the sister restaurant of Il Giardino Sul Mare. Similar menus; both are about the same distance from Whiting.

      In either case, a reservation is recommended.

      2700 Hooper Avenue
      Brick, NJ 08723
      (732) 920-1550

      1. Close by.... Solo Bella in Jackson, NJ is a good bet for dinner...

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          I haven't dined there with these owners but another place near Jackson is the Plumsted Grill and it's not too far from Whiting. See .

        2. Check out Three B's in Lakehurst. Nothing fancy but but very good tavern syle food in a nice setting. As a side note they also have an excellent Italian market in the same plaza.