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Dec 15, 2012 09:49 AM

H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop, El Paso....simply the best

I can't stop smiling! My kids are on a trip to El Paso to visit their aged grandmother. I suggested they eat at least one breakfast at H & H, and, thankfully, they did! Their review can be summed up in one word....DELICIOUS. Its a dump, no two ways around that, but what a dump. The juevos rancheros are transcendant, as is just about everything they crank out. I quizzed each kid separately and the result was exactly the same, they loved it. My oldest, age 31 fancies himself a chef, and he raved, my youngest, age 27 lives in Florida and is a real foodie, she's actually eaten at Jok's Kitchen in Bangkok, and her review: "Great recommendation, the juevos rancheros were DELISH." My middle son, age 29 is a picky eater, a bacon and eggs man, which is what he ordered, and he loved them. If you aren't impressed by the surroundings, but rather by the food, then please do yourself a favor and go the H & H. Tell Kenneth Haddad I said hello!

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  1. Never been there.But I believe Jan and Michael Stern reviewed the place on their website ;RoadFood and gave it good marks.

    1. The chile rellenos are the best I've had anywhere.